How Real Estate Agent Dominate local community by YouTube

Low cost but powerful method to boost you real estate business 1. Introduction To rock in real estate industry, you need to build up your credibility and influence. Getting people to know you is the first step to succeed. The more people see you, the more they trust you. Sustainably exposing yourself to the publicContinue reading “How Real Estate Agent Dominate local community by YouTube”

How Real estate agents win on LinkedIn?

Generate high quality lead on professional network Table of contents Introduction – the why Organic traffic Company page Joining groups Showcase page Hashtag your post Content marketing on LinkedIn Content posting schedule Paid traffic Pros and cons of LinkedIn ads Ad units Ads targeting Advanced targeting tactics Conclusion Introduction – the whyReal estate agents areContinue reading “How Real estate agents win on LinkedIn?”

Facebook marketing strategy in real estate

A full marketing funnel is all we need – We could have been doing it all wrong Table of content Best practices of social media marketing of real estate business Advanced marketing funnel on Facebook – The B.E.L.T method Videos matter the most Introduction Lead generation is the core part of real estate business. FacebookContinue reading “Facebook marketing strategy in real estate”

How real estate agents be successful in content marketing

A low cost but sustainable way to generate leads The rise of internet creates new opportunities for small business owners to get huge exposure in front of the public. Real estate listing sites are good channels for realtors to generate leads, yet the cost of advertising is very expensive in terms of return on investment.Continue reading “How real estate agents be successful in content marketing”

Audience is the new keyword

How real estate agencies upgrades their marketing campaign to next level The common marketing strategy of real estate agencies nowadays I started up a small real estate agency in Hong Kong 8 years ago. I built online presence for my company. I uploaded property listing onto Facebook page and company website. By posting photos andContinue reading “Audience is the new keyword”

How small business could succeed with Google ads [with course recommended]

Customer acquisition is always the core of any kind of business, while paid advertising is the quickest and most accurate way to obtain customers. When entering the paid advertising world, people would first think of google ads and Facebook ads. Google ads is pay-per-click while Facebook ads is pay-per-impression. For new marketers, learning how toContinue reading “How small business could succeed with Google ads [with course recommended]”

Online marketing course review

Metamorphosis – how a real estate agent turns himself into a full time online marketer Business is all about customer acquisition. Real estate is all about lead generation. I started my real estated agency 6 years ago. It was my first time setting up a business as an entrepreneur and what I needed urgently atContinue reading “Online marketing course review”